Monday, January 30, 2012

Cyprus Gas: a great discovery and significant asset.

NOBLE Energy Vice-President John Tomich said that drilling for Cyprus gas would continue on Block 12 later this year. Tomich spoke yesterday at ‘The Energy Resources of Cyprus and the New Ground in the Eastern Mediterranean’ conference in Nicosia, organised by the Institute of Energy of SE Europe and the FMW media group.

John Tomich said at the conference attended by delegates of oil multinationals, government officials and energy experts, that the third quarter of the year was the likely time to resume drilling.

“We are currently actively looking for a rig to drill a second well there,” Tomich added, which may offer a more accurate assessment of total capacity of the reserves.  Appraisal work could take a year to complete. Read more about Cyprus Gas

Meridian Trust

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meridian Trust Now Has the Online Capability to Register a Cyprus Company, Fast

Counsel and professional guidance on tax planning and company registrations in international jurisdictions for non-EU countries. 

Meridian Trust is one of the leading corporate and fiduciary service providers in Cyprus, with over a decade of experience in its field and a large portfolio of international clients. The company is delighted to reveal their new online Cyprus company registration facility, with services that include the straightforward acquisition of a ready-made company, the simple formation of an offshore company, or the prompt opening of a bank account.
Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax rate at 10% with no further taxation on dividends. A company registered in Cyprus or an offshore company provide a convenient "foothold" for non-EU countries such as the USA that has vast trade ties with Europe and vice versa. With no exchange restrictions and the benefit of the 15% EU VAT rate, the island possesses Europe's lowest permissible rate.

Company Director Maria Saveriadou: “Our intention has always been to offer an expert, effective, and contemporary service, and online capability is an obvious evolution. We truly simplify the whole company registration process, whilst meeting the many time-sensitive requirements of our international clients. With the new, highly efficient online facility, our international clients can expect documents at their premises within 48 hours, or in as little as 24 hours.”

As well as being Cyprus company registration agents, Meridian Trust professionals comprise of expert corporate lawyers and specialist tax advisors with extensive knowledge in international tax planning. With a combined thirty years of knowledge and proficiency, the company specialists are some of the best equipped consultants in the field, with clients that include specialised intermediaries like financial advisors, international law firms, business consultants, and international tax advisors. 

The professional competence of Meridian Trust builds client confidence, and the organisation’s services enable clients to meet all Cyprus company registration obligations with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Download the ‘Why Choose Meridian Trust?’ brochure for more information, or call on +357 24812050 to arrange a complimentary 15-minute consultation (via telephone or Skype), with one of their expert advisors.

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