Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cyprus – a focal base for financial services.

On Thursday 31 January, binary options leaders Banc de Binary held a press conference in Limassol, where the company recently launched its European headquarters. CEO Oren Laurent stated that Cyprus was the ultimate destination to set up the company’s headquarters for Europe and the Middle East due to its unique geographical setting, as well as its exceptional infrastructure and highly competent workforce.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One stop shop for business formations in Cyprus

One stop shop for business formations in Cyprus
To improve services furthermore and adapt to the growing demands of global customers that want information and clearly defined actions for creating a base here, the local government, in conjunction with the Services Directive and the Commerce and Tourism industries, has formed the 'Point of Single Contact' (PSC Cyprus), a portal that offers information about the formalities involved in setting up a business here, as well as online services that accelerate the process. The system also enables online document submission and tracking throughout the entire procedure.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Russia and Cyprus: Better Business Relations

From 1st January 2013, Cyprus will no longer have a place on Russia’s ‘black list’ of unsupportive tax jurisdictions, a position held since 2008 that has curbed the growth of Cyprus company registrations by Russian businesses since.

Russia Cyprus flagsThe official order for Cyprus’ removal from the list was published in the Russian gazette and marks the end of tough negotiations between the two nations that began in 2008, the year the island was added to the list. Nations like Luxembourg and Switzerland worked firmly for removal from the list, but the situation with Cyprus proved more complicated, with the island’s tax information exchange being challenged...

The Cyprus company registration process begins with choosing and receiving approval of a company name from the Registrar of Companies. A qualified legal representative must submit documents to the relevant authorities, the company is then registered with our local tax authority, and if required the company will be registered with the VAT office.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Business is a pleasure between Israel and Cyprus Companies

Clear indications that relations between Cyprus and Israel are set to gain momentum were expressed by entrepreneurs during a business forum in Tel Aviv on 24 January. The encouraging atmosphere at the conference, co-organised by the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Israeli Chamber, demonstrated the common interest in increasing business relations and solidifying economic ties between the two territories. 

Maria Saveriadou, Director of Meridian Trust - Corporate and Fiduciary Services in Cyprus, attended the conference in Tel Aviv last month, and said that there was a real sense of unity and eagerly anticipated cooperation between the delegates of both countries. Her message is clear: previous satisfactory collaborations between Israel and Cyprus companies are set to escalate to impressive levels.  

Cyprus and Israel have been encountering common and sizable prospects since the discovery of gas in their respective Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), and future business partnerships and cooperation between the two are certain to solidify within that sector. 

The importance of energy developments cannot be underestimated of course, and this is the obvious focus of rising relations between the two regions, with growing Cyprus companyregistrations to accommodate new trade and business. But progress and ties within the conventional sectors are also necessary for economic growth. 

Christakis Papavasiliou, chairman of the Cyprus Israel Business Association, expressed that it was necessary for businesses and entrepreneurs of both communities “to create the suitable conditions for cooperation and further development of trade relations” between them in order to realize this growth.
In the trying economy in Europe, Cyprus’ ranking is 40th out of 183 in the World Bank’s “Doing Business Report 2012”, a rise from last year’s 49th. Significantly, a show of interest by Israeli businesspersons in Cyprus companies within corporate, real estate and the tourism industries was evident, as was the issue of establishing casinos on the island. Cooperation within the medical field was also indicated.

Growth in the number of Cyprus company registrations will be substantial, with businesses being established island wide to accommodate the varied commerce surrounding gas exploration.

Saveriadou continued: “It is our privilege that clients from all over the world have chosen Meridian Trust to support their overseas corporate operations for over a decade now. Acting as trustees and fiduciary service providers to Cyprus companies is our forte, and the delivery of expert qualified counsel and services is our tradition. We are really looking forward to this new and productive phase with our neighbours”.

The good trading communications between Cyprus and Israel will prove easy to maintain and enhance especially now that mutual work surrounding gas exploration are imminent. Apart of the realm of business however, are our ties on a more human level: we live barely 250 miles apart making travel extremely handy, and we share similarities in music, cuisine, climate and family values. 

A Cyprus company registration begins with choosing and receiving approval of a company name from the Registrar of Companies. A qualified legal representative must submit documents to the relevant authorities, the company is then registered with our local tax authority, and if required the company will be registered with the VAT office. 

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Cyprus Gas: a great discovery and significant asset.

NOBLE Energy Vice-President John Tomich said that drilling for Cyprus gas would continue on Block 12 later this year. Tomich spoke yesterday at ‘The Energy Resources of Cyprus and the New Ground in the Eastern Mediterranean’ conference in Nicosia, organised by the Institute of Energy of SE Europe and the FMW media group.

John Tomich said at the conference attended by delegates of oil multinationals, government officials and energy experts, that the third quarter of the year was the likely time to resume drilling.

“We are currently actively looking for a rig to drill a second well there,” Tomich added, which may offer a more accurate assessment of total capacity of the reserves.  Appraisal work could take a year to complete. Read more about Cyprus Gas

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meridian Trust Now Has the Online Capability to Register a Cyprus Company, Fast

Counsel and professional guidance on tax planning and company registrations in international jurisdictions for non-EU countries. 

Meridian Trust is one of the leading corporate and fiduciary service providers in Cyprus, with over a decade of experience in its field and a large portfolio of international clients. The company is delighted to reveal their new online Cyprus company registration facility, with services that include the straightforward acquisition of a ready-made company, the simple formation of an offshore company, or the prompt opening of a bank account.
Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax rate at 10% with no further taxation on dividends. A company registered in Cyprus or an offshore company provide a convenient "foothold" for non-EU countries such as the USA that has vast trade ties with Europe and vice versa. With no exchange restrictions and the benefit of the 15% EU VAT rate, the island possesses Europe's lowest permissible rate.

Company Director Maria Saveriadou: “Our intention has always been to offer an expert, effective, and contemporary service, and online capability is an obvious evolution. We truly simplify the whole company registration process, whilst meeting the many time-sensitive requirements of our international clients. With the new, highly efficient online facility, our international clients can expect documents at their premises within 48 hours, or in as little as 24 hours.”

As well as being Cyprus company registration agents, Meridian Trust professionals comprise of expert corporate lawyers and specialist tax advisors with extensive knowledge in international tax planning. With a combined thirty years of knowledge and proficiency, the company specialists are some of the best equipped consultants in the field, with clients that include specialised intermediaries like financial advisors, international law firms, business consultants, and international tax advisors. 

The professional competence of Meridian Trust builds client confidence, and the organisation’s services enable clients to meet all Cyprus company registration obligations with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Download the ‘Why Choose Meridian Trust?’ brochure for more information, or call on +357 24812050 to arrange a complimentary 15-minute consultation (via telephone or Skype), with one of their expert advisors.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Times are tough, and so are we.

Cyprus company registrations still strong.

Cyprus is held in the ubiquitous grasp of economic crisis, and unemployment levels are high. Unemployment woes in Greece are even greater, and this had led to an increase of Greek nationals coming to this island for better work opportunities. 

One in five people under 25 (22.7 per cent) were unemployed in September of this year in Cyprus. By comparison, Greece’s overall unemployment is more than double that at 45.1 per cent for the under 25s.

Greeks have traditionally held posts within Cypriot hospitality and the food industry, and we now have applications for public sector jobs, with teaching and health being deemed as very desirable industries. Even in entertainment, young Greek actors hope to find employment here, whilst their more established counterparts are being hired to boost ratings for locally produced serials.

As a consequence of the crisis, approximately 1,500 Greek companies moved their operations here over the last two years, and the number of Greek businesses that are now registered as a Cyprus company count for ten per cent of the island’s total.  

For Cyprus company registration, you must apply to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies for approval of a proposed company name. The Cyprus company registration process indicates that a company should have a minimum of one registered shareholder, and that the said shareholder can either be an individual, or another company, Cypriot resident(s) or foreign. If anonymity and confidentiality as to the ownership of the company is required, then the beneficial owners of the company may appoint nominee shareholders to act for them as registered shareholders, while the actual ownership always rests with the beneficial owners.

If you need a Cyprus company complete with full nominee services and bank account the soonest possible, without going through the Cyprus company registration process, you would need to choose from a list of immediately available shelf companies.

For more information about Cyprus company registration, please get in touch with us.

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